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August 11, 2017

Welcome to 999 Words Or Less, A Flash Fiction Podcast.

In listening to the many many podcasts available, I found that some featured story readings and others discussed books written by authors. Finding one that combined the two was rare. Not only that, if someone wanted something short and interesting, well, it just wasn't there. So I decided to create one.

Like Flash Fiction itself, this podcast is meant to be tight and concise. An author will read a story he or she has written and then I discuss some elements of the story or writing in general with the author. That should make the podcast interesting. 

The readings aren't perfect: that isn't the goal here. Most writers are not professional voice artists.  What you get is the voice of the author reading his or her own piece, and the nuances they believe are part of their work. We've done only minor edits to the readings and discussions.

Whenever possible, these sessions are recorded in my studio, avoiding the broadcast quality of sound when using remote connections. There's also a palpable difference in the conversation when the two people speaking are in the same room. 

One last note: if you like the podcast, I hope you will support it in whatever way you can. Subscribing to the podcast is important, as is sharing the link with others through social media. And if you appreciate it, throwing a few bucks our way offsets the costs of equipment, hosting and other costs associated with recording abnd promoting the podcast.

Thank you!