999 Words Or Less

About Your Host, Gary Zenker

March 17, 2017

WHO Is This Man and 

WHY Is He Doing This?

Good questions. Gary Zenker is...okay, switching to first person for this. 

I am a marketing strategist and implementer, for whom writing has always been a large part of my work. If marketing is storytelling, as many people characterize it, then I am the scribe of thousands of stories with hundreds of thousands of readers.

After a regular fiction column in my college newspaper and nine months in a couple of local weekly newspapers after graduation, I took a break from fiction writing for, oh, maybe 15 years.  

In 2008, I founded the Main Line Writers Group and in 2013 added the Wilmington Writers Group, both with the able assistance of author Tony Conaway. The goal of both groups has been to provide local writers of all genre and writing levels with a home to improve their craft, assist them in their publishing goals and facilitate new relationships with fellow writers. In October 2013, the Main Line Writers published its first collection: Unclaimed Baggage - The Voices of the Main Line Writers is available at Amazon. The second collection is underway now.

It was only after two years into the Main Line Writers Group that I found my own writing voice again and discovered a named category already existed for what I wrote: Flash Fiction. Inspired by the talent and work from members of the groups, I went from occassional fiction writing to words pouring out of my computer on a regular basis. 

Along the way, I won a couple of writing contests including one from the Oxford University Press, published a couple of books (including Says Seth with my then six-year-old-son Seth), led over 100 writing critique sessions, and hosted programs that have included NY Times Bestselling authors and Hollywood script writers. Best of all, the meetings have inspired people to start or continue their writing and professional development. A number have even reached their own goals of publishing their work.

999 Words Or Less is the logical extension of those efforts, to help authors hone their craft and readers to discover some of the amazing talent that exists in places and people they might never expect. It is my pleasure to offer these authors a place to expose their work to a new audience who is receptive and eager to short-form storytelling.